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Farmington, Missouri
"Ms. Sue is generous with her time, good with little kids and patient."
-Emily, dancer for 7 years


What's the minimum age to enroll in dance classes? - We accept students who are 3 years old or will be 3 by no later than the first of December.

Why don't you have classes for two year olds or younger children? - There's no magic number as to when a student will excel in dance classes, however, before age 3, children's attention span & ability to listen and follow directions has not been established. By age 3, children are usually potty trained, are ready to pay attention to the teacher and cooperate with the others in their class.

What kind of classes do you offer? - We offer combination classes of ballet & tap or ballet, tap & jazz.   Click here to see more.

Do you offer gymnastics? - We do not offer just gymnastic classes, however dance students do learn some basic tumbling skills within their dance class.

What is the cost of your classes? - You can find our tuition policies here.

What other costs are involved with dance? - Besides monthly tuition, and dancewear, there is a costume/recital fee for our annual recital.  More information about costumes and our recital may be found here.

How do I enroll my child for classes? - You may register online.

What supplies will my child need for dance? - Girls will need a leotard & tights for class as well as ballet and tap shoes. They will also need a dance bag. More information on our dress code may be found here.

Where can I find leotards & dance shoes? - We carry a complete line of dance shoes and leotards at the studio. We can also order anything that is not in stock. Delivery time varies but averages to be 2 weeks.

What day is my class? - Call 756-1856 to find out what day & time your child's class will be held on. Classes are held Monday through Friday evenings. Classes will begin the week of September 17th and the schedule will be finalized at the end of August/beg of Sept. I do try to work around the schedules of our registered students, but I make no guarantees.

Can parents watch during class? - We normally encourage a parent to stay the first lesson. I would not expect you to just turn your child over to a stranger. With occupancy restrictions this year due to covid, we are still working on a policy for letting new parents watch the first week or two.  However, after the first week, the lobby will be closed to visitors and dancers will need to be dropped off at the door. Click here for our policies on this subject.

How can I find out what's going on at the studio and with my child's dance classes? - Newsletters are sent home during the year with timely information about what's happening at the studio & important things you will need to know about your child's dance classes. The newsletters may also be found online. Please click here to see our view on parent communication.

How do I know if classes have been canceled for bad weather? - Information found here.

When is the latest I can enroll for dance? - Our schedule runs basically the same as the school year. Our classes begin in September and end with our annual recital toward the end of June. To get the most out of your dance experience, students should enroll before the first of September so that they have a chance to learn the basics of dance at a pace they will feel comfortable with. I have allowed students to enroll as late as the first week of December, but I find that it is sometimes a struggle for them to keep up for the rest of the year since they did not receive a firm foundation in the basics during the first months of the year.

Why can't my child be with her friend who has danced before? - I encourage students to invite friends to start dance with them. It is helpful to have someone they know going through the same experiences with them. However, I usually cannot put a beginner student with someone who has already been dancing for 5 years. It would be unfair to the beginner student to expect them to know or catch on to all the things the friend has learned in 5 years. In the same respect, it would be unfair to the friend to be held back and not allowed to excel at the same pace they had been before.

When can my daughter wear point shoes? - Students who have taken three or more years of ballet and are at least 13 years old may be considered for pointe shoes, if they show good technique in ballet class, a desire to progress and work hard, can take suggestions for improvement and are committed to succeeding. Students will not be considered before age 13 because they have not finished growing and serious damage to the feet and knees is a possibility if students are allowed to go into pointe shoes before their body is ready for it.

When and where is the recital? - The 2022 recital has been set for June 25th with stage rehearsal on June 20th.  Check back here or the policy page for more information about the recital and stage rehearsal.

If you have other questions that are not shown here, please do not hesitate to email!

Farmington, MO

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